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The BASF MasterSeal line of solutions offer superior waterproofing and sealing for balconies, parking decks, plazas and more.

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The Kelamar® and Merdek® Systems are multi-layered, engineered systems consisting of a waterproofing membrane protected by a durable wear coat. This creates the ultimate protection against leakage and chloride ion penetration in parking structures, stadiums, plaza decks, balconies, pedestrian bridges and walkways.

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VOC compliant, UV-stable, and chemical resistant, CIM’s unique combination of strength and flexibility allow it to bridge cracks better than competitive products. CIM is a high performance waterproofing material that is easily applied and forms a permanent, seamless, durable coating for the most demanding waterproofing requirements on pedestrian and parking decks, joint and crack repair, and membrane terminations.

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The Vulkem products are trusted for traffic coating application on vehicular, pedestrian, mechanical rooms, athletic surfaces, roof terraces, under tile, and more.

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Applied as a coating or an additive to concrete, Xypex crystalline waterproofing products allow wet application conditions with premier ingress blockage. Reactive chemicals in the product enter the concrete pores as part of a water solution, triggering a chemical reaction when combine with the by-products of cement. This reaction forms a non-soluble crystalline structure which replaces the porous spaces, rendering the concrete waterproof.

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The Auto-Gard and Peda-Gard traffic coating systems come in single and two component varieties and stand up to high traffic in pedestrian and vehicular traffic application as well as sub tile waterproofing.

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Email: info@citywide.ca

The expert in building envelope restoration and new construction, Citywide Building Envelope offers an array of services to builders and building managers. Our professional and experienced personnel ensure the highest standards of project completion. We value quality and we value our clients.


  • “Please be advised that Citywide Building Envelope is an approved Tremco sealants & waterproofing applicator. As such any Tremco projects completed by Citywide Building Envelope will qualify for all applicable Tremco warranties.

    In addition to the above Citywide Building Envelope will also have access to bid on all applicable Tremco projects and will also be made aware of all pertinent Tremco projects as they come up for tender.”

    Rick S. – Port Coquitlam

  • “I am the principal engineer of JSD Building Engineers LTD. (JBE). I provide building envelope engineering services in Lower Mainland, BC.

    I worked closely with Mr. Brian McNaughton at a balcony remediation project at Sonrisa, 3122 St. Johns Street, Port Moody, BC in 2011. I was impressed with his quality construction and excellent client management skills.”

    I recommend Mr. McNaughton and his Citywide Building Envelope as a solid and reliable contractor for building envelope remediation projects.

    Jeongsik J. – Richmond

  • “I can offer up both personal and corporate references of work performed by Brian McNaughton, on behalf of several general contractors over the past twenty years.

    Brian has, to our direct knowledge, successfully applied a wide variety of urethne and epoxy coatings. Brian has managed coatings applications in the flooring industry, roofing industry, and has shown significant experience applying traffic/parking structure coatings.”

    Gary O. – Surrey